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Nearest Hotels to Disneyland Paris

Unless you are staying at the only hotel in Disneyland itself (which tends to be very expensive) most hotels near to Disneyland offer free shuttle bus services to get you to the parks. These are ideal if you don’t fancy getting up early to grab a taxi or train from the city centre to the Marne-la-Vallee area where the Disneyland resort is located.

Many of the hotels close to Disneyland Paris also have their own on-site facilities which can provide a break from the Disney bubble if you need one. This is especially important for larger families where splitting up and heading to different parks can be a bit of a drag after a full day of walking around the Disneyland park!

One example of a hotel with its own onsite facilities is the Dream Destination which provides spacious self-contained 1 bedroom apartments which are perfect for couples or smaller families who want to save money by preparing meals in their own rooms. This hotel is also a good choice for those who want to stay away from the more overtly family-orientated hotels near Disneyland as it has more of an executive style and caters to business travellers as well.

The Hotel l’Elysee Val d’Europe is a 4-star hotel that offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is an excellent choice for families who want to take a break from the non-stop Disney experience. The hotel is located alongside a golf course and is just a 10-minute drive to Disneyland. It has plenty of on-site facilities including a buffet restaurant, a Starbucks and even a grazing farm to visit with a few goats, rabbits and ponies to see! Nearest Hotels to Disneyland Paris

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