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The old joke about a sock being lost in the laundry with every load is funny until you have no socks left. Personalized socks are a great way to make sure that you do not lose your socks and personalized socks can help in situations involving travel or moving. There are a lot of reasons why you need personalized socks and how you can benefit from them.Personalized socks go way beyond writing your name on a sock with a marker. What if the sock is too dark for a marker to show up? How many washings do you think it will be before the marker is washed out? With personalized socks the mark is always there and it can look a lot classier than a magic marker drawing quickly scrawled on a sock. Take a look at all of the situations in which personalized socks would benefit you or your family and see how many of these situations apply to you.When children take physical education in school, clothes get lost and socks start to disappear. Personalized socks with your child’s name on them, done in a way that will not embarrass your child, can help to ensure that the sock total does not drop thanks to gym class. Get personalized socks for all of your children to wear on gym days and you may start to hear stories about how your idea got all of the kids in school to start wearing personalized socks. In that case, you giving your child personalized socks may make him the coolest kid in class.The kids are not the only people in the family that are in gym locker rooms during the week. If the parents work out at a local facility, then personalized socks will help make sure that they do not lose any socks when the workout is over. Socks can get left behind and thrown out by the health club staff. But when there are personalized socks left behind in the locker room, then the staff can set those personalized socks aside and make sure that the rightful owner gets them back on the next visit.When the school year is over, then it is time for summer. Your kids will spend time at the neighbor’s house swimming in their pool or off at summer camp. Personalized socks will make sure that the neighbors and camp counselors know exactly who left their socks behind. You will find that personalized socks will lower your sock bill for the summer and help to keep your kids in socks on into the school year. Personalized socks can be a big help at summer camp when socks traditionally tend to disappear. When the camp counselors see the personalized socks your kids left behind, they will know exactly which children to return them to.As your kids get older, you can keep buying them personalized socks to remind them of how you were able to prevent their socks from being lost. A new set of personalized socks can go off to college with your kids to help make sure that any socks lost in the dorm laundry room find their way back to your kid’s laundry basket. black soccer socks

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