Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Millions of Americans are struggling to pay for medication. It’s a particularly acute problem for people without drug coverage or who have high-cost plans with rising deductibles and copays. However, even those with insurance are often better off by shopping around for the best price. The prices of medications vary widely, and many consumers are unaware that they can get a much cheaper deal from pharmacies outside their network.

Medications are available in a variety of forms, from over-the-counter pills to prescriptions and other medications used in specialized circumstances like eye care or cancer treatment. The price of each type of medicine varies from pharmacy to pharmacy, even in the same zip code. Using apps and other websites that let you enter the name of a medication shows you the prices at different pharmacies in your area, and some offer coupon cards for extra discounts.

The rise of pharmaceutical e-commerce is an exciting opportunity for both consumers and healthcare organizations, but specific strategies to embrace this new channel will differ for each. Pharmaceutical vendors interested in making a move toward e-commerce should start by assessing their expendable resources and unique goals. Then, they can build a comprehensive plan for how to move forward.

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