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Plastic pelletizing machine is a type of plastic recycling machinery that can convert scrap materials back into clean raw material. It is a popular choice for repurposing industrial waste and can also be used to produce new plastic products. The machine consists of several systems to cut and compress polymers into small, spherical pellets. Plastic pelletizing machines can be used for a wide range of applications in many industries, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, mining and metallurgy, textiles, printing and dyeing, ceramics, rubber, and plastic manufacturing plants.

In the process of pelletizing plastics, a compounded polymer is first melted to a high temperature before being compressed into spheres. These spheres can then be cut with a pelletizer cutter to make them easier to handle and mold into the desired shape. Pelletizing plastics is an important step in the recycling of waste materials and is an essential part of any closed-loop system.

There are many different types of plastic pelletizing machines available to use for recycling scrap plastics. One common method is the cutter compactor integrated with a shredder and extruder that can quickly recycle film-on-rolls as well as hard, rigid plastic scrap such as crushed HDPE bottles. This method does not require a separate crusher and can reduce space requirements, labor costs, and energy consumption.

The hopper feeding system can also be a useful tool for recycling plastic scraps. It allows the hopper to be filled with material without the need for preheating and can be suitable for both soft and hard plastics. This machine is often used in conjunction with a two-stage extruder to process PET plastic regrind from PET bottle washing plants.

This type of plastic pelletizing machine can be used for a variety of plastics, from LDPE and HDPE to PS and ABS. The screw design and barrel can be modified to suit the material being processed, and a vacuum or ordinary exhaust port can be added to help remove any moisture from the finished product. This is an ideal solution for processing recycled PET flakes and a popular option for PP and PE extruders.

The underwater pelletizing system is another type of plastic pelletizing machine that can be used for recycled scrap plastics. This method is similar to the hot die face cutting pelletizing system, in which molten plastic is fed through a die and then cut with a rotating blade that is attached to the surface of the die. The pellets are then cooled in a water ring to prevent them from sticking together before being sent through a centrifugal dryer. The resulting round-shaped pellets are easy to handle and can be reused for a number of different purposes. This method can save a company money on the cost of acquiring fresh raw materials and helps to protect the environment by reducing landfill waste. Contact the team at Accel Polymers to learn more about our custom plastic pelletizing services or to request a quote for your business.

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