Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Productive families is a concept that supports family businesses that are in the production of handicrafts, homeware, textile, and food products. These products are then sold in local markets. However, these families are often unable to attract customers due to their lack of knowledge in marketing and modern technologies.

Therefore, this company and initiative routinely highlights and champions these producers in their social media channels and physical and online stores, and provides them with development plans to improve their quality and reach. The company also helps them navigate through the complex process of creating a small business. This way, they can increase their income and help reduce unemployment, while preserving the unique culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, this company’s initiatives are aligned with the Kingdom’s vision for 2030, which emphasizes supporting small business growth and innovation discovery in order to increase job opportunities in the country. These efforts contribute to reducing the unemployment rate, and support the Kingdom’s goals of ending poverty in all its forms.

As a result, this type of enterprise is an essential element to developing the economy and creating new job opportunities, as well as promoting Saudi Arabia’s unique culture and heritage. Furthermore, it enables women to become active participants in society, protect their families from destitution and poverty, and affirm their abilities. Moreover, implementing family-friendly policies at work can increase employee morale, motivation and health by more than double, as well as raise personal relationship satisfaction by 2.2 times. أسر منتجة

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