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Real estate videography is a powerful way to attract potential buyers. It will create an interest in the property and compel people to schedule an inspection. This will help you sell your property quickly and at a good price.

Photography, videography, 3D Matterports, 2D floor plans and aerials for residential, commercial and Airbnb properties. Travel charge applies for projects outside Christchurch City.


When shooting exteriors of properties, real estate photographers have a variety of techniques to choose from. For example, they may shoot wide-angle shots that capture more of the space in a single photo or use a macro lens to get close-ups of details. They also have the option to blur the background, which can make the subject of a shot look sharper and more appealing. Another important aspect of exterior real estate photography is lighting. Some photographers prefer to turn off indoor lights during shooting to prevent unintentional colour mixing that can result in undesirable hues and require more editing.

One of the biggest challenges of becoming a real estate photographer is finding and developing your own artistic style. “Your style is your business card,” explains real estate and aerial photographer Jonathan Boone. “Having a polished, consistent style gets you more work.”

Other key tips for real estate photography include knowing your equipment well and practicing frequently. Some professional real estate photographers even use their own homes for practice shoots, and they may visit churches or public buildings to gain experience capturing different architecture. Additionally, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new technological innovations that emerge in the real estate industry. For example, drone and virtual tours are rapidly becoming popular tools for showcasing properties to potential home buyers.


Property videography of the interior can help a potential buyer or tenant to gain a better idea of the property before making any decisions. This is important for both residential and commercial real estate as it can help the property to stand out from the competition. Quality real estate videos are also a great way to increase the interest in the property and drive more traffic to it.

Adding voice-over narration to a virtual tour can also help to add a more personal touch. This can be especially useful when trying to connect with buyers on an emotional level and make them feel like they are getting a true insight into the property. It can also highlight key features that they might not notice when looking at the photos of the property.

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Real estate photography requires a wide range of skills, from capturing a property’s interiors to creating high-quality marketing materials. It’s essential to have the right equipment, including a tripod and extra batteries, to ensure you can capture photos of your clients’ properties at the best time of day. Also, be sure to bring a variety of lenses, from wide-angle to macro, so you can capture every aspect of your client’s property.

topVIEW’s premium 3D Matterport tours are the most immersive & realistic way to show your clients a property online. They engage buyers, resulting in more viewings, higher sale prices and shorter sales times on the market.


With new technology becoming available and marketing trends changing, there’s an ever-increasing need for real estate agents to find innovative ways to market their listings. One of the newest tools being used is aerial photography and videography.

Aerial photos and footage can be shot from any number of angles using a drone, helicopter or airplane. They’re often referred to as bird’s-eye views and are highly effective in displaying the size, scope and location of an area from an elevated perspective.

They’re also great for showcasing features of a property such as golf courses, swimming pools and large areas of open land. Alternatively, they can be used to highlight the surrounding area to give potential buyers an idea of what’s nearby such as highways and powerlines.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your listing with some stunning aerial shots or want to create a cinematic, HD walk through video of a property for social media, we can help. With our team of experienced and professional photographers, videographers and drone pilots, we’ll take care of all your real estate marketing needs. Real estate videography Christchurch

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