Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

They find comfy spots to soak up the sun. They nap often. Play when they feel like it. Eat when they are hungry. They seem to do what feels right for them.

Life balance and self care is something that is easier to talk about doing than to actually practice it. Moms in particular have a hard time putting themselves first often because of past programming of putting their family first.

In honor of Moms, care givers and nurturers here are some ways to appreciate yourself or someone you care about.

Here are 3 Tips for Quick & Easy Inspired Actions for self care in your relationships.

1. Are your relationships balanced? Of course we appreciate having family, friends and colleagues who we can count on when we need help. It is good to take inventory of your relationships and ask yourself if it is time to give or to receive.

What that means is whether you feel an overall even exchange of time and energy with others. Are you being heard? Is there equal time for listening and appreciating what the other person has to say? Just check in with yourself and consider whether you need some more time for you to feel balanced.

2. How are you with receiving? When you give to others all of the time it may actually feel uncomfortable to receive. Does that sound familiar? If you are a chronic giver you may not even hear this message but the people who love you understand.

Have you ever been offered help but gracefully declined it? The next time you receive an offer from someone to help you or you are given a compliment, before you brush it off…Stop. Take a breath and really take it in.

Say “Thank you, I appreciate hearing that.” Say “Thank you, I appreciate your offer and would really like your help.”

3. Can saying No be loving? How about when others request help from you. Do you automatically say yes without considering your own needs? Do you feel obligated? Often nurturers have a hard time saying no because you care so much about others.

If you say yes and do not really want to it is coming from an unauthentic place. Saying yes because you feel like you should is not fair to either one of you. Saying no, for whatever reason, is OK. Say this out loud, “No can be loving.”

If you are feeling resentment, a lack of support or not having much fun, listen to the lyrics of the song, “N-O is my new Yes” by Karen Drucker.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first and nurture your relationship with YOU.

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