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Sex addiction therapy helps people regain control over compulsive sexual thoughts, behaviors, and urges. These sessions can help people find a new way to cope with their emotions and reestablish healthy relationships. While it’s not easy to admit that you have a problem, sex addiction therapy is a big step toward recovery.

The first step in getting sex addiction treatment is to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional. This process includes an extensive look into your health history to confirm a sex addiction diagnosis and rule out other mental illnesses or disorders that can cause similar symptoms.

Once you’ve been properly diagnosed, there are many options for sex addiction treatment. The most effective options typically include a combination of therapeutic techniques and behavioral modification strategies. One option is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps sex addicts identify their underlying thought patterns and learn to reframe their thinking in a more productive way.

Psychodynamic therapy is another option, which focuses on the in-depth connection between your thoughts and actions. It’s often used to address underlying issues like shame, anger, or low self-esteem. Finally, couples therapy can help you and your partner reestablish trust and communication in your relationship.

Support groups are also available for sex addicts, which can be a great resource for finding encouragement and guidance on your recovery journey. Groups like Sexual Addicts Anonymous or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous are 12-step recovery programs that help you accept your powerlessness over sex addiction and focus on living a life free from it.

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