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Siberia is an incredibly strong Swedish snus with a frosty mint flavour. This intense nicotine pouch is not for the faint of heart and is best used by experienced snus users.

This is a white portion snus, which means that the tobacco within the sachet is not moisturised. This results in a slower nicotine release and less stinging to the gums and oral mucous membrane.

Siberia -80 All White Original

Siberia -80 All White Original is one of the world’s strongest snus, delivering a powerful 33mg/g nicotine punch. The mellow tobacco taste is topped with a refreshingly bold and cold spearmint flavor profile that will leave you satisfied. The small super-slim format ensures that the snus pouches fit comfortably under your lip and allow for long taste experiences with minimal drip.

Most snus is made of fine cut tobacco that has been ground, moistened and blended with other ingredients such as salt, natural oils, an alkalizing agent (usually sodium carbonate) and food grade aromas. The mixture is prepared through heating and then spread into small, individually-sized snus portions, called chew bags, which are then wrapped in cellophane or similar material to protect them during transportation and storage.

Snus is typically refrigerated to extend its shelf life and prevent spoilage, although it can be frozen for extended storage periods. It is also often shipped very dry to reduce shipping costs and to enable the snus to “drip” more slowly, allowing the consumer time to place it under his/her lips before the nicotine rush begins.

Siberia -80 All White Extremely Strong

Siberia -80 All White Extremely Strong is one of the strongest chew bag experiences on the market and not suitable for a chewbag novice. It has a nicotine strength of 43 mg per gram and is expertly blended with rich dark tobaccos topped with a refreshing mint flavour. Its dry character allows for a slow, long-lasting release of both flavour and nicotine. Its different-sized portions allow for a comfortable fit under the lip.

This snus is produced by Swedish snus manufacturer GN Tobacco and contains a total of 15 super slim nicotine pouches in different sizes. Each pouch has a net weight of 0.5 g and a moisture content of only about 46-47%.

These characteristics make Siberia -80 All White Extremely strong and a great alternative to traditional snus that contains moist tobacco. The dry formula is especially popular in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, where snus with moist tobacco is often banned due to health concerns. The snus is packaged in a compact, easy-to-carry tin, which makes it perfect for an on-the-go nicotine experience.

Siberia -80 All White Dry

Siberia -80 All White Dry from GN Tobacco is one of the strongest nicotine pouches on the market. These ice-cold snus nicotine pouches offer a raw strength that will challenge even the most experienced users, with a flavor profile that is robust and strong but not artificial nor overbearing. This snus is available in various sizes to suit your preferences and deliver the experience you want, whether you enjoy a small slim portion or a plump regular size.

Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that has been used in Sweden for hundreds of years and it is currently considered to be safer than smoking or chewing tobacco due to the fact that it is not inhaled. Although snus may cause oral mucosal lesions in some people, they heal quickly once use ceases. Additionally, snus contains lower levels of carcinogens than cigarettes and chewing tobacco. These factors contribute to the comparatively low incidence of tobacco-related diseases in Sweden when compared to other European countries. Some research suggests that snus can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer and diabetes when substituted for tobacco use.

Siberia -80 All White Slim

Siberia -80 All White Slim is an extra strong Swedish snus with 43 mg/g of nicotine per portion. This makes it the strongest snus in the world! This high strength is paired with a fresh mint flavor that delivers a perfect balance of strong and sweet. This snus is not for the first-time snuser, but will give a nice punch of minty goodness that will wake up your senses and boost your energy.

Snus is a moist tobacco product that is placed under the upper lip and releases its nicotine gradually. It is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes and is widely used in Sweden and some other countries. The use of snus is also associated with lower levels of smoking-related health risks and deaths.

Siberia snus is packaged in tins of small, individually-sized portions. This type of snus is popular because it makes it easier to carry around and to conceal, especially in public places. The tins often contain a compartment on the top for discarding used portions. The snus is also shipped very dry, meaning it has longer shelf life without refrigeration and is slower to initially drip when opened.

Siberia -80 All White Chew

Siberia -80 All White Chew is one of the strongest snus on the market. It comes in slim portions and offers a fresh spearmint flavour with a long lasting taste experience. The tobacco is expertly blended and the nicotine strength is a whopping 43mg/g! This is a powerful snus and not recommended for snus beginners.

Portion snus is moist tobacco in small, loosely packed pouches which can be placed under the lip. The sachets can be held between the teeth or in a purpose-made cylindrical device such as a pris, buga, or prilla. Loose snus is also available and is commonly referred to as lossnus, prissnus, or living snus.

The snus pouches can be filled with various types of tobacco. These vary in quality, flavourings, and moisture content. The amount of nicotine and TSNAs (tobacco-specific N’-nitrosamines) depends on these factors. Moisture, pH, and unprotonated nicotine were determined in 64 snus products from ten manufacturers across the United States and Northern Europe (NE). The results showed that snus with higher product pH had lower levels of TSNAs.

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