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Silver Judaica is a superb gift item to show respect for Jewish practice and tradition. Most Jewish retailers sell sterling silver Judaica for gifts for occasions like Bar Mitzvah presents, Brit Milah wedding presents, new baby presents, Rosh Hashanah gifts and more. These items can be purchased online or at brick-and-mortar shops that sell Judaica and Jewish merchandise.

Sadly, much of the historic Judaica silver that was used to make ritual art for household and synagogue use was destroyed in the Holocaust and as families were forced to flee their homes. Nevertheless, a good number of pieces of silver Judaica survived the holocaust and can be found at a few select stores that carry Judaica.

While the ritual rules that were used to create silver Judaica are essentially unchanged, modern artisans have developed their own creative traditions. The Judaica maker at Netafim 55, for example, is a master at his craft and is an expert at producing a wide variety of unique Judaica objects. These include candelabra, kiddush cups, spice boxes and mezuzot.

Another well-known Jewish maker of silver Judaica is Harold Rabinowitz, who works from his home in Malvern, New York. He is also a master craftsman, but he has eschewed the traditional designs and forms of silver Judaica in favor of contemporary idioms. He studied with Ludwig Wolpert at the Tobe Pascher workshop, but has since branched out into his own style and design. In his own words, he says that his metalwork is sculpture with a function. silver judaica

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