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A skiff rental is the best way to enjoy the open water without the expense, maintenance and liability of owning and operating your own boat. It also allows you to directly access the wellness benefits of water – happiness and relaxation, creativity and play, and a sense of awe and wonder.

There are a number of boat rental options available in New York City. Many marinas and other boat rental outlets rent fishing boats, bass boats, pontoons, runabouts, skiffs, and canoes by the hour or full day. They typically offer a variety of equipment such as fishing poles and reels, life vests, anchors, bilge pumps, and navigational tools.

If you’re planning to operate a boat rental business, consider investing in a digital marketing strategy. A recent study found that 82% of smartphone users find local businesses through online searches. In order to compete with other boat rentals in your area, you’ll need to invest in a strong digital marketing strategy.

In addition to digital marketing, consider advertising in other ways. For example, partnerships with local hotels or travel agencies can bring in a steady stream of customers. You can also consider listing your boat on online marketplaces, such as TripAdvisor and Airbnb.

Pricing for skiff rental can vary greatly depending on geography and competition. In low-traffic areas, you may be able to rent a small skiff for just a few hundred dollars per day, while in high-priced tourist destinations, prices can go up to $500 a day or more.

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