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Many people dream of making a name for themselves as voiceover artists, attracted to the career by its flexibility and work-from-home options. The job, however, can be stressful due to its competitive nature, fast turnaround times, and pressure to get it right. A good voiceover artist will be able to use a suite of soft skills to overcome these challenges and continue to find success in the industry.

A successful voiceover artist will be able to perform multiple versions of the same script, offering different options in their delivery (for example emphasizing certain words or placing a pause where necessary). They will be able to sight read, be flexible with last minute changes to the script and know how to edit audio both locally and remotely. They will also be comfortable with a variety of recording equipment and technologies, including audio interfaces, microphones and software.

As with other professions, it is important to seek out a professional voice coach who can help you improve your technique and develop your unique voice. A good voiceover coach will be able to work with you to create a personal training schedule that suits your needs. They will also be able to provide you with advice about your home studio setup and how to best record your voice overs.

If you are not able to work with a professional voiceover coach in person, there are online coaching services that offer one-on-one virtual lessons. These can be helpful for those who are working full time, or have family commitments that make it difficult to fit in lessons around their schedule. voiceover artists

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