Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The art of knitting and crochet has long been a popular hobby for individuals who wish to hone their skill in creating fabric. While woven fabrics like cotton and linen are still widely used in many clothing applications, knit has become a popular alternative for designers looking to create pieces that are both functional and stylish.

Knitting is a process that involves using needles to interlock one or more sets of yarns in a fashion similar to how they are sewn into a garment from the back and front (Kadolph and Langford, 2002). Unlike weaving, which is done on a loom with thread, knitting is a single piece of fabric that does not have a raw edge, making it much easier to work with from a cutting and clean finishing standpoint.

This type of fabric is usually made from wool or acrylic fibers and can be blended with other types. There are a variety of stitches and abbreviations that can be used to change the fabric structure and appearance, and some patterns even utilize more than just the basic knit and purl stitch.

For sewing beginners, ponte knits are a great way to learn how to work with knit fabric. These fabrics are thick and durable, which makes them ideal for apparel and accessories that will be worn frequently. They are also easy to handle and are less prone to stretching than thinner, lighter knit fabrics.

Another feature of this fabric is its elasticity, which can be measured by taking a designated portion of the knit and measuring it in its relaxed non-stretched state. Then, by subtracting the longer measurement from the smaller, that difference represents how elastic a knit is.

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