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Whether they’re one-liners or puns, dad jokes are cheesy but they’re also pretty funny. In fact, dads might be the kings of the cheesy joke. They’re the ones who know how to get a laugh with an off-the-cuff phrase that no one else could think of on their own. They’re the reason we all have memories of “What does a pumpkin sound like when it goes to the mall?” and the classic “Why is six afraid of seven?”

Though professional comics once trafficked in these types of jokes, the image-conscious adolescent audience may make these jokes less desirable. That’s because, as kids grow into adolescence and their understanding of humour changes, they start to view puns as more annoying than hilarious. And when a pun is delivered with the awed expression and groans that accompany a dad joke, it can make for an uncomfortable experience all around.

This is why dad jokes might be a dying breed, as kids learn to appreciate a more subtle sense of humor. While a good dad joke can still get a laugh out of children with its clever wordplay, it’s the groans that are the most telling. Ultimately, dad jokes can teach children how to handle embarrassment. They can also help them develop a higher tolerance of being made fun of, which is something that they need in order to build resilience. And while a lot of dad jokes can be cliche, there are some that are genuinely hilarious, including “What do you call a fake noodle?” and “Why did the coach run to the bank so fast?”. best dad jokes

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