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Moon rocks are potent, highly-psychoactive products that can be smoked or vaped. They are a great way to experience the effects of cannabis while getting high on your own terms, and they can be made using a variety of different marijuana strains and extracts.

The History of Moon Rocks

The first known Moon rock was collected by Jim Irwin and Dave Scott during the Apollo 15 mission. The whitish, fractured chunk was eventually found to be 4.1 billion years old and is now called Genesis Rock. It has been interpreted as a meteorite that flew from Earth to the Moon.

Geologists have long suspected that a large part of the Earth-Moon system was formed by an asteroid impact, but until now, there had been no evidence that such a colossal crash had occurred on the Moon. But new research shows that a fragment of Genesis Rock, which was collected by astronauts in 1971, might be the result of an asteroid strike that blasted it to the Moon and then engulfed it in lunar breccia.

This would make it a type of lunar mare basalt, which formed in the early days of the Moon’s formation. It is different from lavas that were derived from other regions of the Moon, such as the lunar highlands. Lunar mare basalts, which are 3.2 billion years old, contain relatively low amounts of sodium and potassium compared with Earthly lavas and are depleted of siderophile elements, which tend to affiliate with iron when the rocks cool from a melt.

The oldest rocks on the Moon date from 4.4 billion years ago, when lava flows from a magmatic activity created lunar mountain ranges. These highlands are composed of a variety of rock types that include basalts, breccias (rocks made up of broken and reassembled pieces), and mafic plutonic rocks, which formed deep underground and were pushed up by tectonic forces. The youngest rocks on the Moon, based on crater counts, are lava flows that were probably 1.2 billion years old.

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