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Employee communication apps are a new way to communicate with your employees. They allow you to reach all of your employees with one-on-one messaging and group chat features. They also enable you to share files and collaborate with remote teams.

Shifting trends in remote and flexi work don’t have to hurt productivity and your communications strategy. Instead, they can offer a pathway to more contented workers, free to work in ways that produce more favorable results.


Homebase is a cloud-based employee communication app that allows employees to track their hours, request time off, and communicate with managers. It also provides features that help employers stay compliant with labor laws. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to use and is available on both a web and mobile platform.

Managers can quickly create a schedule, make changes on the fly from anywhere, and instantly share it with their team. It also allows managers to create open shifts and easily manage labor costs. Additionally, the software includes an ATS that simplifies hiring and helps businesses find great talent. It also offers a free version and a paid plan that starts at $16 per month for up to 100 locations. Homebase also has built-in messaging and payroll integration.


HubEngage is a unified employee communication platform that includes web and mobile apps, internal social media, instant messaging, eLearning modules and ready-to-use surveys. The tool also enables managers to customize content and access insights. It is designed to help organizations with internal communications, recognition, culture and feedback.

The platform offers many features including a social intranet, social recognition and rewards, micro-learning, a virtual water cooler, a company store and more. It is easy to use and offers a variety of ways for employees to engage with the platform.

Using the platform, managers can easily connect remote teams and empower employees by sharing information. It also helps them drive engagement and improve their eNPS score by automating milestones and anniversary recognition. Sprinto’s unique single-shot view of compliance enables quick audit and remediation.


PeopleOne is a revolutionary intranet solution that helps businesses add life to their workspaces, even in a remote office setup. Its social intranet and employee advocacy tools work together to improve communication, elevate brand value, and increase productivity.

It also offers a wide range of features, including HD video calls, sharable calendars, and an activity feed that lets employees share news, accomplishments, and more. It also helps companies reduce workplace noise by filtering out irrelevant messages.

The platform’s knowledge base enables employees to access important documents quickly. It also offers automated features that let employees receive notifications when documents are updated. This makes it an ideal choice for fast-paced enterprises.


LumApps is a social intranet solution for connecting, communicating and engaging employees in one place. It is fully integrated with your collaborative suite and simplifies access to all corporate content, discussions and business communities in a single hub. It facilitates both top-down communication and peer-to-peer exchanges.

The platform includes features like a knowledge hub, employee engagement portal, digital home, productivity enhancer and mobile-first internal comms. It also supports interactive video capabilities and conversational AI that can help employees self-service common IT or HR tasks.

Additionally, the LumApps digital workplace integrates with over 50 business applications and tools. For example, it includes integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 that allow employees to quickly access email and calendars directly from the digital workplace. Communicators can use these integrations judiciously to ensure strategic communications reach every employee.


Talkfreely is a flexible, quickly deployable internal communication app. It helps businesses instill a positive culture and encourages staff to engage with company-related discussions through effective two-way communication and feedback channels. It also supports business change initiatives and boosts innovation by providing a platform to share ideas.

With push notifications and in-app acknowledgment requests, Talkfreely ensures all employees receive important messages on their personal devices regardless of their location or time of day. It also allows you to track how many employees have read the message.

The app’s features include real time messaging, Idea collaboration, training videos, important documents, peer-2-peer recognition and more. Additionally, you can also securely upload videos and photos. You can also create dedicated news channels and schedule your comms in advance.

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