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Fire pump are critical pieces of equipment for many fire departments. Firefighters use them to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) and flow of water from an existing fire suppression system. This is especially important in large buildings where the water demand for suppression systems can be very high. Depending on the type of system being supplied, there are several types of fire pumps available to meet any fire department’s pumping needs.

Portable fire pump

A portable fire pump is a pumping unit that can be moved from the pumper to another location by one or two people. Often these are used to fill hydrants or to move water from a tank to a fire scene or back to the fire truck. They can be operated by a firefighter and may have a carrying handle for ease of transport to and from the site. Portable fire pumps typically produce low to medium flows and pressures.

Diesel-powered fire pump

A diesel-powered fire pump is powered by a gas or diesel engine and can be either 2-cycle or 4-cycle. Fire pumps with diesel engines generally have greater horsepower and torque than those powered by gasoline engines. They also have larger displacements than other types of pumps and may require a heavier or more complex alternator.

The heart of a diesel-powered fire pump is its impeller water pump. The impeller is a rotor-like device with curved blades that rotate at a very high speed inside the pump housing. As the impeller spins, water enters the center of the pump and is pushed outward by centrifugal force. As the water exits the pump, it is forced through a nozzle. The nozzles are usually color-coded to make it easy for fire fighters to identify which lines they are using.

Waterous’ pump expert discusses the importance of the jockey pump

A jockey pump is a very important piece of fire pump apparatus. It is designed to absorb small losses in the fire system while it is working and to keep the fire pump’s water supply network pressurized at the proper level for fire suppression. However, it is not a fire pump that can be relied on to deliver the full fire fighting water flow required by Standard 23,500:2021. As such, it is important for all firefighters to understand the purpose of this little pump and how to operate it properly.

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