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Manufacturer of standard and custom water soluble bag manufacturers including bioplastic bags, containers and pouches made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Products are available in several sizes, styles, thicknesses and colors. Custom printing is also offered. Capabilities include coating, cutting, flexography and hot stamping. Company serves food, beverage and medical industries.

PVA film is an eco-friendly plastic that has a high level of solubility in water and is readily biodegradable in an aqueous environment. It is often used as a substitute for traditional plastics in applications where recyclability is desired and a requirement that the material be able to withstand exposure to moisture. PVA film is a great alternative to other synthetic plastics that are used in packaging such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

The use of these resealable bags in hospitals and nursing homes can help minimize the contact between staff and contaminated laundry. The bags are able to contain bacteria, blood borne pathogens and other contaminants that may be contained in the soiled linen and clothing of patients or residents. The laundry can then be removed from the bags and placed in a washer or dryer for treatment.

These bags are also useful for storing items that will be stored or shipped in a wet environment such as liquids, powders and grains. The resealable bag allows for safe and secure storage without the risk of leakage. It also protects items from moisture and dust. The resealable bag can also be used for dry cleaning, agro chemicals and other industrial applications.

Another benefit of these resealable bags is that they are able to withstand extreme temperatures. This is important because it is common for soiled laundry to be stored in a hot washing machine or dryer. The bags can withstand this and will dissolve in the wash cycle to prevent the washing machines or dryers from overheating.

This resealable plastic bag is also claimed to be’marine-safe’, which means that it will not harm marine life when released into the sea. However, it is important to note that the definition of’marine-safe’ is not well-defined and is only based on the likelihood that the product will disintegrate or break down into smaller pieces in an ocean environment.

Water soluble bags are manufactured from a variety of materials such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene, polypropylene, or cellulose. They are a great alternative to traditional plastic bags for packaging items that will be stored in a wet environment or shipping in wet conditions. They are also an excellent alternative to compostable bags because they do not require a compostable system for disposal. These resealable bags are an excellent option for many applications and provide a great benefit to hospitals, nursing homes, and other health related facilities. They help to minimize the contact between staff and soiled laundry, as well as to safely store and ship soiled linens and clothing.

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