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Smartphone charging process is performed by the collaboration of three parts, namely: cell phone power adapter or cell phone charger, data cable, mobile phone. Subjective factors including the phone itself,cell phone power adapter or phone charger, and a data line and objective factors including the weather and how to use the cell phone are the key factors impacting on the rate of charging the phone.

The larger the capacity of the mobile phone battery, the longer the charge time

We shall firstly figure out how to calculate the charging time before what make a impact on the speed of charging the phone, the charging time can be calculated with a simple formula: Charging time = factor (typically greater than 1) × battery capacity (mAh) / charging current (mA) . That is the Large-capacity cell phone battery charging time corresponding to the long charging time when the charge current is constant; similarly, small capacity battery is corresponding to a short charging time.

Thus, it is necessary to charge more prolonged electricity for our phones in order to meet the needs of using mobile phones for a long time when charging current is kept constant as the mobile phone manufacturers increase capacity .  

Moreover, in practice, the current is based on the load (ie cell phones) connected. Just within the limits of its resources,the cell phone charger can provide much current the phone needs. If the current required by the phone exceeds the current limit the cell phone charger can provide, then the cell phone charger would have been outputting the maximum current. So when the battery capacity is the same, the charging time will be faster as the current the phone itself can carry increases.

Power adapter charging specifications affect the charging rate

The output voltage of most brand mobile phone standard charger is currently standard 5V, but the output current which would be equipped with by the manufacturers depending on the battery capacity are different. Assuming the assumptions voltage is same , the difference between 0.5A, 1A and 2A cell phone charger just like bicycle single-lane, two-lane and four-lane highway- a charged battery is also be doubled as current is per doubling over the same time. So for iPhone charger with a maximum only 1A output charging iPad and 2A original charger charging iPad, the former theory charging time is 2.1 times the latter.

Therefore, when charging the cell phone, you should try to choose the original cell phone charger or those whose output current is not less than the original standard charger in order to ensure that the phone’s charging speed is fast enough.

The data line with poor quality is the”murderer” slowing the charging timeGenerally it is too difficult to identify a clear difference from the appearance of the data lines, so all the interface mixed like a routine, but the current provided by different data lines may be different.

Many low-cost data line looks very thick, but its internal core is actually pretty thin, or those meant to be made by pure copper wire replaced by aluminum wire are knock offs. In addition, poor quality data cable connector contact material and welding may be abnormal, these problems will lead to increased resistance, standard data line resistance should be 0.5 ohms, while the poor line may reach 3 to 6 ohms, the charging efficiency decline definitely in 6 fold to 12-fold.

Weather easily overlooked 

It is because the winter is too cold that the phone unable to be fully charged or charged. Because the lithium battery most smartphone uses features with protection mechanism in extremely low temperature resulting in the deposition of metal lithium which would be no longer react chemically with substance, leading to a short circuit inside the battery, that is why the phone could not be fully charged or charging speed is very slow. When the temperature is too high, this issue will appear.

Apple said that the 22 room temperature is most beneficial to iPhone charging,so do the Android phones using the same lithium situation. When the temperature is too low, we need to remove the cell phone to the warmer environment,the cell phone would not be normally charged until the lithium battery temperature exceeds the low temperature protection threshold (iPad, laptops, etc. is generally 5 , the cell phone is generally about 0 ), when the battery is hot, you could remove the cell phone case or place it on a cold table to increase the charging speed. Therefore, the temperature is a more important external factor making affect on the rate of phone charging, proper temperature helps improving charging speed of mobile phone.

The proper charging techniques can help increasing the charging rate

Lithium battery would start lithium battery protection when it is running out of power, the phone can not boot, the charging time is longer. Charged cell phone batteries need to wait a long time to wake up, shutdown protection function. So try not to remind charging until the battery runs out.

As we all know, various programs running consume power after the phone is switched on, it will naturally drag the “charge rate”. So you would better turn off the App and the phone screen. Of course, it would be able to more power if we can shut down or transferred to “flight mode”, the charging speed is even faster.

In addition, some like charging via computer USB charging port,which takes longer to charge by comparison with the charging in the outlet. Under normal circumstances, the maximum output current of computer front USB port is only 0.5A, the charging speed is very slow. If you have to use a computer USB interface to charge, you can use the computer rear USB port because its current is more stable than the front port, the charging speed of mobile phone is relatively slightly faster.

Briefly, following are the main factors affecting the charging speed of cell phone

NO.1 the charging temperature

The temperature is the main factor easily overlooked. At low temperatures, low temperature protection mechanism will lead to that the lithium battery material does not chemically react, and therefore the mobile phone can not be charged or charging speed slows down. Please try to charge the mobile phone At 15^25.

NO.2 unpaired USB charging adapterand USB charging cablePlease do use original USB charging adapter and USB charging cable with official configuration pairing phone or tablet accordingly,if you use the iPhone USB adapter to charge iPad, you’ll find the charging speed is pretty slow.Take the iPhone 6 for example,please use the iPhone 6 USB charging cable and USB charging adapter to charge it. The current USB charging cables support varies. If charging slow, it is likely that you do not pick the right charging cable, please mark them to distinguish different charging line.

NO.3 annoying dust

If you are not accustomed to clearing up the USB cable port and cell phone charging port,the longer the lifespan of the smartphone,the more the dust accumulated,that’s why the charging rate of cell phone is getting slower and slower, timely wipe the dirt on the usb charging cable with alcohol, use a needle or toothpick to clean the phone charging port carefully, or the charging port is equipped with dust plugs.

NO.4 charging tipl the charging rate is basically fastest when the mobile phone is powered off, if you do not want to shut down, the flight model is the best choice to accelerate the charging speed.2 avoid access the mobile phone to host USB port to charge.3 avoid charging the phone unless the phone battery low battery alarms. العاب مجانية

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