Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Btc mixers are tools used to conceal a user’s on-chain bitcoin transactions. They mix a user’s coins with those of other users in a pool and redistribute them to a set of output addresses. They typically offer a range of fee options and transfer delays that allow the user to align their anonymity preferences with their budget and transaction volume.

Although btc mixers can be used for illicit activities, they are primarily legitimate tools to help people protect their privacy on the blockchain. A simple search of a public explorer can link wallets and uncover a person’s identity, but mixing services obscure this information.

A number of bitcoin mixers have been developed in the past few years, but some stand out from the rest. CryptoMixer is one of the most popular, offering a high-quality service at competitive prices. It’s easy to use and offers a no-logs policy, which is a crucial aspect of any bitcoin mixer. It also provides a signed receipt for every transaction to further ensure security.

Another good option is Unijoin, which has a simple and intuitive user interface and supports a number of output addresses. Its fees are based on the number of addresses mixed, not the total amount mixed, and there is a 7-day retention period. However, the service allows users to manually delete their logs before this period ends. Unijoin is also a newer entrant to the market and is quickly gaining popularity for its stability and features.btc mixer

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