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Online coaching is when a coach or mentor works with their clients via a platform and app that allows for instant communication, video meetings, scheduling and tracking. These tools allow the coach to work with their clients from anywhere in the world, creating a strong relationship and trust. The coach can then deliver a clear, structured program to their client based on their goals and needs. This can include diet, training and lifestyle changes that help their client to achieve and maintain their results.

The benefits of working with an online coach are endless. Whether it’s a nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach, fitness coach, health coach, business coach, career coach or anything in between, they can provide the guidance and support needed to get the results the client wants. This can be in the form of an online course or program delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) or through a more traditional face to face meeting or phone/video call.

Some coaches will even offer a combination of both – face to face and online. This is because they know that people want different things from their coaches and that it is important to be able to cater to the needs of each individual client.

There are many different online platforms that coaches can use to run their business, from simple telehealth apps that are HIPAA compliant and offer a client portal to more comprehensive practice management software. One such platform is Paperbell, which offers a client portal and scheduling as well as payment processing, contract creation and e-sign via partner HelloSign. Another is CoachesConsole, which is a full-featured practice management software that allows coaches to create and manage a website, build coaching programs, schedule sessions and send messages to clients.

Having an online coach provides the accountability and motivation that can sometimes be missing from training alone. Having a coach to check in with and discuss any obstacles, challenges or goals can be the extra push that clients need to keep them on track. Many online coaches will also provide their clients with a variety of tools and apps to monitor their training, diet and lifestyle. This includes fitness apps, daily weigh ins, food tracking and sleep monitoring as well as stress management tasks such as meditation apps or journaling.

The cost of an online coach can be much less than the costs associated with going to a gym, which is a big benefit for many clients. However, it’s important to note that if a coach isn’t providing a high level of service they will be likely to lose clients over the long term. This can be mitigated by providing an excellent service and building a marketing funnel that will consistently bring in new clients to offset the inevitable churn rate.

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