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Make a statement through your handbag by picking one of the top trending designer bags of the year. Simply by adding this accessory to your wardrobe you’ll be setting a statement no matter what you pair with it.

Because designers make all kinds of shapes and sized bags the trends get even more specific breaking it down into a particular shape, color, print, or size. Let’s take a look at the popular ones for 2013.

Reptile skin – This is one trend that seems to come back time and time again. It doesn’t matter what the season is, if you want to make a trendy statement for 2013 invest in a reptile skin bag. Some of the top designers offering this option include Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Elie Saab.

Bold patterns and prints – With spring here and summer just around the corner this is a great look to sport while you celebrate the warm temperatures. Think outside the box when it comes to these patterns and prints don’t just go with the typical plaid or floral look for something that truly makes a statement. Some of the designers that are really standing out when it comes to prints and patterns are Stella McCartney and Guy Laroche.

Small mini-purses or clutches – While they aren’t going to hold a lot of items they sure will show that you’re right on point when it comes to current trends. This purse might feature a shoulder strap, handle, or even a delicate little wrist strap. Carven and Diane Von Furstenberg are offering some really nice options this year.

Color blocking – Just as its’ popular for clothing for 2013 it also carries over to handbags and purses. Look for color blocking that uses neutral colors so that you can use the purse with all your clothing pieces. Michael Kors and Fendi are two designers offering a selection of color block options.

Metallic – Season after season, year after year this is a trend that just never seems to fade or show signs of slowing down. Metallic work as neutrals and can be paired with just about any look. A metallic purse works just as well with your jeans and t-shirt as a stylish little black dress. While there are plenty of designers offering metallic such as Bottega Veneta, a more reasonably priced option is Kate Spade.

Tote bags – This option is not only trendy but incredibly popular thanks to the amount of space this purse gives you. Just like its name suggests you’ll be able to tote around all kinds of items in this spacious purse. Mollie King is proving to be a popular designer in this area giving you the sophisticated, simple, and classic “London look”. For a more contemporary look the Victoria Beckham collection offers plenty of options in a variety of colors.

When it comes to designer bags it’s important to think of them as an investment, something that will act as your statement piece that will show you’re following today’s trends and styles and also fit your lifestyle and personality. michael kors bags sales

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