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A car accident is often a scary event. In addition to a potentially life-changing injury, the crash may also cause extensive property damage and medical bills. In New York, it is important to seek legal help immediately after a car crash. It allows you and your attorney to get a head start in collecting evidence and preserving any critical details that may impact the outcome of your case.

An experienced car wreck lawyer can help you get the compensation that you need to pay your bills and recover from your injuries. In some cases, pursuing a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver’s insurance company might be necessary to ensure that you receive fair compensation. Insurance companies are skilled at making it difficult to get reasonable compensation. They may challenge the validity of your claim, attempt to stall the process, or offer a low-ball settlement that does not adequately cover all of your damages.

A car accident lawyer can provide guidance on how to handle a claim and can take the burden of dealing with insurance companies off of your shoulders. Some attorneys may work for a flat fee, while others will charge an hourly rate for their services. If you decide to hire an attorney who charges by the hour, they should be transparent about their fees and what they expect to accomplish during their time working on your case. In many instances, a New York car accident attorney will only charge if they are successful in recovering a settlement or judgment for their client.

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