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In a time when the world seems so divided, it is refreshing to remember that we are all part of the human family. Winnie the Pooh is a wonderful reminder of the importance of friendship, empathy, and understanding. It’s also a great way to promote body positivity, as Pooh and his friends celebrate their own uniqueness.

The original books were published following the brutality of World War I and continue to offer a sense of solace, a connection to the innate wonder of childhood, and a uniquely British sensibility. They have stood the test of time, and remain a beloved family tradition. With billions in annual revenue, Pooh is one of the most successful characters of all time.

Though he is often described as a bear of very little brain, Pooh frequently comes up with clever ideas to help his friends. Examples include riding in Christopher Robin’s umbrella to save Piglet from a flood, finding the North Pole by dropping a pebble there, fishing Roo out of the river by placing his paw on one side of the bank and the other against the current, and rescuing Eeyore from the hole at the bottom of the tree by tying him up with some rope.

Although Goodbye Christopher Robin is a story about a parent’s loss, its core messages are timeless. Pooh’s words, and Shepard’s illustrations, remind us that we should always remember to find happiness in the small things. winnie the pooh quotes

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